Hi, I’m Sara Keats

I am seeking opportunities in which I can utilize my extensive knowledge and skill set in a creative and meaningful way.

I am a skilled and agile administrative professional, with experience with all sorts of marketing and communications projects and objectives. Copywriting, editing, project management, presentations, public relations, administrative services– I’ve done it all. Throughout all I do, I am eager to fuel and support the passions of others. I remain curious and am excited about trying new things and learning new skills.

I’m all about thoughtful storytelling and precise composition.

I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a dual degree in drama and poetry, and my training in the arts is never too far from my mind. I’ve invested a lot of time in understanding what makes a story tick, whether that’s in a three-act play or an annual report.

My background in reading and writing poetry is actually the foundation of my standards for my writing and editing. Poetry insists on both an economy of language and a keenness of tone that leads to high-quality writing of all kinds. For me, it all starts with identifying the audience, adjusting the tone of the piece to match, and keeping it short.

Could we be a good match?

I would like to work for a company that celebrates innovation and creativity. I would like to work with a team that understands both working “smart” and the value of hustle.  I want my work to contribute to good, whether that’s through a tech start-up or arts organization or anything else. I want colleagues who are as passionate as I am, and who are just as energized about tackling problems on Monday as getting out the door on Friday.

Does that sound like your company? Please get in touch. I think we’re going to get along swimmingly.

View my résumé here, and my portfolio here.