I am a writer, editor and dramaturg seeking opportunities in theatre, publishing and copywriting. I offer creative support to passionate storytellers, as well as an expertise in narrative structure and detail-oriented research. My commitment to clear and concise language, coupled with my understanding and respect of each individuals creative process, makes me an asset to writers and directors in any genre.

As a recent graduate (May 2013; Creative Writing, Drama) of the selective BXA Program at Carnegie Mellon University, I am uniquely prepared to excel in the interdisciplinary field of dramaturgy. The Carnegie Mellon undergraduate dramaturgy program is one of the first and most prestigious of its kind, and I have been pleased to accept the leadership opportunities it has provided. Pursuing my English degree has allowed me to work professionally for the Carnegie Mellon Press, volunteer as the editor-in-chief of The Oakland Review and grow both as an artist, myself and as a facilitator of the artistic pursuits of others. My various accomplishments and projects are detailed in the balance of this website.

I am seeking opportunities in which I can utilize my extensive knowledge and skill set in a creative and meaningful way. The arts have long been important to me as a reader and theatre-goer, and I am eager to play a part in the creation and production of publications and theatre-going experiences for others.